Chaffles are extremely popular right now in the keto neighborhood, as well as permanently reason! They are so easy to make and they taste outstanding! We started with our Ideal Oreo Keto Chaffles and they were so great that they inspired us to branch off and also see what various other sort of dessert chaffles we can develop!

It didn’t take much time in any way for us to find up with this tasty keto peanut butter cup chaffle! Peanut butter cups are among our favored treats and they are possibly among your own too. There is actually nothing far better than wonderful peanut butter and also delicious chocolate!

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You can have this chaffle all set to eat in simply a few short minutes, which makes this dish not only extremely scrumptious, but also so very simple.

2 ordinary delicious chocolate chaffles without any peanut butter loading sitting centered on a plate

The chaffle is everybodies favored brand-new keto development since late. The chaffle started appearing in all of the keto Facebook groups I remain in, as well as every person quickly began ahead up with a number of remarkably creative methods to tailor the chaffle.

There are truly two kinds of chaffles: there are full-flavored chaffles, and there are treat chaffles. Tasty chaffles are generally made with an egg as well as cheese, and occasionally various other mouthwatering ingredients like bacon bits.

Tasty chaffles are normally used as a bread substitute or as a bun, however there is truly no limitation to what you can use them for! They are very versatile and also adaptable.

Treat chaffles are typically not made with cheese, however they can be. There are a million various ways that you can make and also appreciate a treat chaffle. Because we can not speak about all of them here, we’ll just point out that most dessert chaffles are made with an egg, whipping cream, cooking powder, sweetener, as well as occasionally vanilla extract.

There are a lots of outstanding dessert chaffles out there but this keto peanut butter mug chaffle is among our favorites!

A centered peanut butter cup chaffle sitting a top of a plate

For certain! Chaffles freeze truly well and also they make for an awesome on-the-go treat. There are two ways you can freeze chaffles:

The very first method is to separately cover them and freeze them by doing this. This is easy to do and also it avoids your chaffles from cold with each other and also being stuck together till they both thaw out. This isn’t a problem if you desire two chaffles, yet if you only want one this can be a bothersome issue.

An additional way that you can store your chaffles in the fridge freezer is by flash cold them on a baking sheet. Once they are frozen, you can put them all right into a ziplock bag without worrying about them really feeling with each other.

Regardless of what alternative you choose, you can feel confident that your chaffles will ice up well and taste wonderful once they are thawed. I would advise that you reheat your chaffle in a toaster oven instead of a microwave. This will make certain that your chaffle gets crispy and not soggy.


mini rush waffle manufacturer

In our point of view, the Mini Dashboard waffle manufacturer is among the best mini waffle makers on the market. It is so easy to utilize, it is a wind to tidy after each usage, and also it makes the ideal sized chaffle each time! They can be found in several shades and you can’t defeat $10!

One more plus in operation this mini waffle manufacturer is that it is so very easy to store. If you leave it on your counter it takes up nearly no area. If you store it in a closet it will certainly be practically undetectable. The mini Rush waffle manufacturer is certainly worth checking out.

two plain chocolate chaffles with no peanut butter filling sitting centered on a plate

family waffle maker product

If you have a huge family (or just truly love chaffles like I do), you may additionally intend to take into consideration getting a waffle manufacturer that will cook several miniature waffles at once.

The Burgess Brothers ChurWaffle Manufacturer is popular in the keto neighborhood, and also it can make four waffles at a time! The tiny waffle manufacturers are wonderful, but if you are making keto strawberry shortcake chaffles for the entire family members, it could take a while making one each time.

No matter what you choose, your chaffles will turn out fantastic, and also you will certainly love this outstanding brand-new innovation called the chaffle!

top view of ingredients and tools used for peanut butter cup chaffle

leading sight of ingredients as well as devices utilized for peanut butter mug chaffle
This keto peanut butter cup chaffle is so very easy to make, and that’s mainly due to the active ingredients. There is a truly good chance that you currently have every little thing you need to make this chaffle.

For this peanut butter cup chaffle, we used an egg, some vanilla, sweetener, heavy cream, cacao powder, coconut flour, cake batter flavor (this one), and also cooking powder. If you have these active ingredients (or a lot of them; cake batter flavoring is really good yet not necessary), you are great to go!

peanut butter cup chaffle batter with a whisk in the bowl and waffle maker in the background

  1. Mix all of your ingredients together in a small bowl.


poured batter beginning to cook on waffle skillet


2. Pour half of your batter onto your mini waffle maker at a time. Let cook for about 4 minutes.





silicone basting brushes



Cleaning your mini Dash waffle maker is so easy already, but if you want to make it even easier, consider these silicon basting brushes. They make cleaning the nooks of a waffle maker so much easier!


sliced in half peanut butter chaffle facing toward the camera in the center. You can see the peanut butter filling nicely here.

side top view of peanut butter cup chaffle on a plate

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